(Switzerland, Madagascar & Zimbabwe)

My wife and I are full time missionaries working in the Addiction Field. In this, we staff and lead Addictive Behavior Counseling Schools and seminars around around the world, but mainly in Switzerland, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

Many people in the world are caught in bondage of addictions such as alcoholism, chemical dependency, co-dependency, eating disorders, etc. because of abuse, shame, unresolved grief or other unresolved issues. God desires to set these people free, and we as Christians are challenged to help them break free from the self-destructive behaviors used to cover their pain. The healing will come as we bring those people to focus on the finished work of the Cross and Jesus. The main skills taught in the Addictive Behavior Counseling Schools are: understanding and leading support and process groups (Basic Psychotherapy Groups), Trauma resolution (how to deal with the roots), and addiction counseling skills. Our focus is to train counselors who then may train others or work in a recovery type of mercy ministry.

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