Before making any life altering decisions, pray and seek wisdom form God, from some experienced older members of your church or family, and from your peers.
Once you have confirmation in your heart that you want to be a missionary, short or long term, then you need to discover what your greatest gift is to use in the field.  Make 3 or 4 copies of the list below and then after looking them over carefully, number them from 1 to 10 in order of what you feel your strongest gifts are to the least likely that you would want to do. (1 being your strongest gift).  Give that same list to 2 or 3 other people that know you the best and have them do the same, without seeing your numbers.
_____  Teaching                                        _____ Writing/ Translating
_____ Construction/ Repair/Engineering       _____ Evangelism/ Encouragement
_____ Working with Children (VBS)             _____ Music/ Leading Worship
_____ Cooking/ Food Preparation                _____ Medical/ Dental
_____ Hospitality/ Hosting Events               _____ Sports/ Team Building
When your top two gifts have been determined by you and confirmed by others, then you need to write a brief 2 paragraph summary of your spiritual walk, including how you came to know the Lord as your personal savior, and include any other mission work or ministries you have been involved with.
Send us your list and your summary statement and we will match your gifts to a field need.  You will get 2 or 3 choices to pick from.
Once your destination country has been chosen, then preliminary work will begin:
- A w-9 form needs to be completed for your tax purposes
-Inoculations for that area need to be started
-Emergency evacuation insurance will be secured
-Accommodations will be arranged
-Travel arrangements will be made
-An internal account for you will be set up with SRMS
-A page for you will be designed on our website
-Fund raising will begin
-A business plan will need to be discussed that includes your budget projections and your measurement of success for your mission work.
You will need your own personal lap top computer, a cell phone with international abilities, and a donor base to support you.  We will do all the rest. 
Let's get started and get you out into the field!  The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few, very very few!  The Lord wants to use your hands, your heart, your head and your hope in Him!!

Son Raise Missionary Services

A non-profit organization to provide  assistance to missionaries world wide who are sharing God's word and love to the lost and needy.