If your church youth group or small group would like to embark on a short term mission trip( 7 to 10 days), SRMS can assist you in all of the same ways as with a long term mission trip. (see 'how to become a missionary' page).  We will help you with group fund raising events, as well as choosing a perfect destination for your group. 
The advantage to using SRMS to process your donations is that your donors will receive a tax deduction for their support gifts.
We recommend that short term mission trips be done in a small group (10-15 people) and not as an individual.  Short term mission trips are usually done in slightly more 'dangerous' places, and it is best to have a group together for safety purposes.  
Contact us if you want to get started on your short term, life changing mission trip!  
May I suggest taking your whole family?  Kids and all? 

Son Raise Missionary Services

A non-profit organization to provide  assistance to missionaries world wide who are sharing God's word and love to the lost and needy.